Advantages of Dedicated Hosting in Gibraltar

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting in Gibraltar dedicated servers in gibraltar 1 845x321

A dedicated server is a web server that is leased or owned outright. This provides you with the exclusive use of these resources for your business

If you’re looking into growth, running a large corporate site, or one receiving an increasing amount of traffic, there are many advantages to purchasing a dedicated server hosting plan:

A dedicated server has the functionality of a normal hosting provider but without the maintenance issues. Which is beneficial if you don’t possess the time, expertise or resources to operate a server on your own. Essentially, it means owning your own server without the concerns of maintenance.
Aside from the reliability of a personal dedicated server, it can also be adapted towards your exact needs. If you require special features, a dedicated server allows you to dictate the software frameworks that you’re usually allocated when hosting with others on the servers of a shared plan.
In addition, not having to share a server with several other websites is a strong selling point for users needing a dedicated solution. Typically, there are multiple other hosted websites upon one server. Which means all of them sharing resources and disk space.

Typically, you may begin to find a deterioration of your website’s performance, which could be caused by another user on the server. When possessing a dedicated server, your site has exclusive access, providing you with complete control of the RAM, disk space and bandwidth.

The security of your site is an important consideration. In a shared server there is the possibility that someone else with a website on your server could get into your account, exposing your company and your client data. Which is a major concern for ecommerce sites that would store customer credit card numbers in databases that reside on the server.
With more control over your server, you are more easily able to ‘back up’ and secure your content. The ability to dictate your server-side options and features, as well as the exclusivity of disk space by simply upgrading your existing dedicated hosting package. Dedicated serves prove added security, reliability and ownership over your site.

Should you feel your website is not responding quick enough or your emails are taking ages to send and receive, your website is possibly suffering from being on an over populated server. Contact us for free consultation on your website and email hosting requirements.