Myth: There are many web design companies in Gibraltar who claim that they can design a website with search engine optimisation (SEO) built-in or offer it as a one off service. Whilst a website can be designed and developed to assist when optimising the website for example by having relevant contents or meta tags that will help the website to rank well, a website or CMS cannot have SEO “built in”.

Fact: Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process. Its is not a ‘one off’ service. We like to use the analogy of a marathon. If you start training hard for a marathon and then you suddenly stop training, your competitor who continues his training will beat you at the finish line. The same applies to SEO it is an ongoing process and even when you meet your target rankings you need to continue in order to maintain your rankings.

If your web design company assured you that a one off optimisation will rank you higher than your competitor, unfortunately they are probably being dishonest or do not know what they are doing and you will be wasting your money.