Why Your Current Website Is Not Sufficient For Today’s Users?

According to the Market Research Industry, it appears that internet users are becoming more sophisticated as a result of an increase due to increasing broadband penetration. In a survey conducted by them it appears that 29% download music at least once a month, 13% write on blogs regularly and 12% download podcasts. 10% use Skype etc to make telephone calls.

There has also being a massive increase in the number of grandparents that surf the internet and there are even numerous websites that cater exclusively for grandparents.

As a result we are seeing a demand for more sophisticated web design not just in appearance but in functionality. More clients seem more willing to spend more on the actual design of the website whereas a few years back many company’s simply wanted a website that delivered and provided the required information to clients, full stop. Now clients seem more interesting in achieving looks that are modern and fresh with interesting effects, flash, funky buttons etc as they do not want their website to appear old fashioned and out dated.

An established company that has earned a reputation for its services may get away with a mediocre website however have you ever noticed that users will still comment on how ‘Company X’ should really update its website. With such a competitive world wide Internet a company can simply not afford to get it wrong especially starting up company, which are starting up.  Reputation is everything when starting up. Surveys conducted have proved that one of the factor that turn users away is a badly designed website. Essentially it is important to remember that your website its a true reflection of your company.

Clearly a website that impresses at first sight is crucial however a good website should continue to impress the user as they explore the website therefore it is important to remember that functionality and a good web design are not mutually exclusive.  Many web designers get so carried away with achieving ‘a cool website’ that they lose site of the other important aspects of a good website.  Remember getting the right balance is key.