This is a question that a lot of clients ask themselves. However this is not the case in Gibraltar as Web Design in Gibraltar consists of rather small companies.

Although in general, Big Web Design or SEO companies have the advantage of size and experience and gain a wealth of knowledge from the range of employees that they have. Of course, they also have bigger budgets for training etc however big Web Design Company also have large overhead and their main aim is to make more and more profit within the minimum amount of time. Sure, everyone wants to make a profit however small web design companies are more eager to prove themselves and see every new client as a challenge. They value every client and do not want to lose them. Moreover smaller web design companies are addicted to finding new techniques and impressive methods. They are always trying to improve their knowledge and technique.

Big Web Design firm’s main focus is the delivery and turnover. They endeavor to execute the work as soon as possible to be able to make more profit and invoice the client as soon as possible in order to get a new client. Moreover many BIG Web Design firms are not even up to date with the latest standards, they are too bogged down with their client portfolios, they just want to try and get the next client off their desk.

This is also the case in SEO Companies:
You would be surprised at how many ex-clients of big SEO companies have come to us and shown us the firm’s analysis reports, which illustrates how little work was being carried out in exchange for a huge amount of money. If anything many are using unethical methods to achieve quick but ineffective results.

Small SEO firms on the other hand are addicted to finding new SEO techniques and are always trying to find new ways to make their clients rank first.  They enjoy the challenge and strive on achieving results.

Also note that Big SEO companies have team of different skills and abilities and you may not always end up with the ‘TOP’ team. More often than not you may also not even end up working with the more experienced people you approached in the first place.