Choosing The Right Type of Website for Your Business

Many of our clients often believe that there is only one type of website available. Some also think that you can have a web design and then use it for just about any type of business. Unfortunately this is not the case in web design. There is no one type of website that can be adjusted to suit any type of business. This is because each type of website requires different web building tools and software and is built to serve different type of data and information.

You will find that many website companies often try to persuade their clients to go for a website that is more sophisticated or complicated than they actually need. Web Design Companies in Gibraltar do this because they can probably justify charging a higher fee and thus increase their profit. These web design companies also complicate things by providing additions on top of your website hence increase the cost. In most cases these additions are standards in our web design services and included in the initial cost.
In order to identify what type of website you need, we have classified the different types of websites that are available based on the contents and features that they offer.

1. Static / Brochure Websites

2. Content Management Systems (CMS)

3. eCommerce Websites

Stay tuned as we will be updating the links on this article as we add more information…

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  1. Fredrick
    Fredrick says:

    It seems like a good idea to educate readers about your services and types of websites available to them. Would it be better to sell all these different websites to them as one to make things less complicated?

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