In this post we will focus on ‘static’ websites which are the simplest form of web design and are often referred to as a ‘brochure’ website. As the name implies this type of website essentially translates the contents of a brochure onto a website. Also note, these types of websites are also referred to as ‘presentational’ websites. Brochure websites rarely require any updates and need very little maintenance.  This type of web design is usually used by companies that require a professional online presence and only change their contents once or twice a year. The user interaction is minimum and most popular way of user interaction is a Contact Form.

Due to its smaller scale, static websites tend to be at the lower end of the price range.

Some of the optional properties of a Brochure Websites are:

  1. Products or Services Page
  2. Company Information Page
  3. Contact Form
  4. Interactive Map
  5. Image Gallery

Other Types of Websites:

–       Content Management Systems (CMS)

–       eCommerce Websites

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