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eCommerce Websites for Gibraltar Companies

Do you have a product? Would you like to sell your product and receive money online? If your answer is yes to these questions then you need an eCommerce Websites. eCommerce websites allow users to sell their products or services online, typically with an online payment gateway which takes care of credit card processing. Regardless how many products you have, one or thousands, you still need an eCommerce website to sell online.

We have build eCommerce Websites for companies in Gibraltar and Spain. Following is our latest work:

Grannylook Store:

Custom built eCommerce Websites are quite tricky to design, as it is crucial to achieve the right balance between design and usability. This is not always easy, because eCommerce websites need to be vibrant, competitive and efficient at the same time. We have become experts in creating eCommerce websites over the years. Innova’s eCommerce websites are not only easy to use but also search engine friendly.

Simplicity and Presentation of Products are Key

To build an effective eCommerce website simplicity is key. Users want clarity, this therefore means they wish to see the image of the desired product, price etc and go straight to checkout without having to click so many times. Users do not want to be overwhelmed with too much information or advertising. Checkout process should consist of at most 3 steps.

1.         Choose the Product

2.         Enter Buyer Information

3.         Checkout

The more details the better

The more details and specifics you can provide on a product the better. Many users nearly purchase a product as its exactly what they are looking for but back out at the last minute as they are not sure whether it has a certain feature or not.


You can never have too many photos or images and where appropriate always try to use 3D images with Zoom option as this will ensure the buyer know exactly want they are getting.


There is nothing worse than a website that takes forever to navigate and load. This is why having a state of the art hosting, such as Innova’s Hosting Services, is absolutely crucial.  Unless you are really faithful to a brand or really need the service for example, buying a flight, slow navigation websites will almost definitely turn the user away. This takes us to another important factor- a simple checkout process. Studies show that most ecommerce websites lose their customers at the check out point. I cant tell you how many times I have almost given up on certain websites but unfortunately I have to put up with because I need the product or I am loyal to the brand. However starting companies who have not made a name for themselves or their product or services cannot afford to have an incompetent eCommerce website.

Delivery Options

Websites should make this very clear and place your delivery policy in a conspicuous part of the website or at the bottom of every page. You would be surprised how hard it is to find this information on some websites.

Search Options And Website Navigation

It is very important to allow users to modify an existing search keyword that having to constantly press the ‘back’ button.

Make it as easy as possible for users to search for a product and narrow their searches under as many different categories as possible or you might risk the user not finding a product you may have available.

So remember there are many factors to take into account when building an ecommerce websites and obviously some technical factors which I am not going to bore you with. However feel free to contact us, should you require more information about eCommerce websites.

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