Hosting In Gibraltar

Website Hosting companies in Gibraltar are usually very small firms or have very limited resources. Larger Hosting companies in Gibraltar provides companies with very limited space, low bandwidth and not enough security with very high prices. As a result, small web design companies acquire reseller accounts from UK for cheaper prices. Reseller accounts also come with a list of limitations. Your website might be hosted on an account who is a reseller of a reseller of another reseller and so on. Therefore you might be sharing a server space and IP address with websites that are black listed or promote hate and discrimination.

Our Competitors are Slow and Unreliable

Your website uses shared resources on reseller accounts. When you send an email or your website is visited, you share the same bandwidth with other reseller clients and their clients. This causes your website to load slower and send out emails slower too. The maximum speed you might get in Gibraltar is about 1MB upstream. Our servers are on 100MBps dedicated connections.

Email Hosting

You get a minimum of 250MB space per email account and more if you require. We also allow email attachments up to 50MB. Hosting companies in Gibraltar provide maximum of 25MB email account space and 5MB email attachments.

Added to this our emails will work from anywhere in the world. You will not have to upgrade your hosting or pay more to change the email account type.


We also have 24 hour back up service by default! Your emails, databases and website files are backed up 4 times a day and kept for 2 weeks. Therefore you have over 50 restore points to retrieve your lost data.

Why our Hosting services in Gibraltar are different?

Innova’s Hosting Services provide hosting on dedicated servers. We are the actual owner of the servers and no one has access to them. You get speed, reliability and security with our dedicated servers. You will have full power over your domain, website and emails. Every hosting client gets a control panel which allows them to add email accounts, databases, install software etc. We also provide accelerated WordPress Hosting on our LiteSpeed Servers. You are not only limited to these, please contact us for full features of our hosting control panels or check out our hosting packages.

We also started offering Server Colocation in Gibraltar as well as Dedicated Servers in Gibraltar.

Contact Us to find out how we can help you with our Hosting Services in Gibraltar.

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