A Business owner in Gibraltar asked me the other day “Do I really need SEO?”

Honestly, some people talk about SEO as if they were out window shopping. “ Do I really need another pair of black shoes?”
If this is how you think then you are completely missing the point. SEO is not simply an additional accessory on your website. You need to ask yourself:

  • Do you want more traffic on your website?
  • Do you want to rank on the first page of Google?
  • Do you want people to read about your products and services?
  • Do you want people to find your website above millions of others?
  • Do you want to constantly obtain traffic?

If your answer to the above is yes then you do need SEO.

In essence, with SEO you are making your products visible on the web to the right audience by targeting chosen key words. If you were a food distributer or sales agent and you wanted to market your products and you would carefully choose the supermarkets you want to sell your products in and convince the owners that your products are good. The first step would be to make your products visible in the supermarket. SEO is the same but instead of becoming visible in supermarkets you have to become visible to users on the Search Engines.

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