We bumped into Christopher Bruno from Just Consulting Ltd in Corks, Irish Town. We asked him few questions about his company Just Consulting and himself. Here is what he had to say?

Hi Chris, tell us about your company Just Consulting:
Just Consulting is a sales and marketing company based in Gibraltar, Europe’s fastest growing offshore finance centre. We specialise in bespoke solutions to clients, including all marketing materials, pro-active sales campaigns & innovative ideas on how to take products to market.

What type of unique services do you provide in Gibraltar as Just Consulting?
Our USP has always and will always be the ability to offer an outgoing sales force on behalf of a client or a specific project. On various occasions, including new websites and magazines, we have created targeted hit lists, approached (via cold calling & warm leads) and arranged all sales meetings in Gibraltar, Spain & France on behalf of our clients. To the best of our knowledge no one else offers an outgoing sales force in Gibraltar other than us.

How have you found doing business in Gibraltar?
Gibraltar is a very unique place. Marketing in Gibraltar is even more specialised. Whereas in large cities or countries advertising is very much based on the same generic channels (TV, Radio, Web & Print) the gibraltar marketing campaign is still very focused on print, followed by Radio & TV and last in the list of importance Online… We actually had a meeting with someone in Gibraltar, head of their company, a Global Brand, who said to us, in a matter of fact way, that the internet “hadn’t taken off yet!” – How do you objection handle that in this day and age?

What types of projects does your company deliver?
We have been involved in all sorts of media, advertising, PR and sales activities in nearly 3 years. From the simplest of design work through to the procurement & sales of products for a client. Over the years & with our experienced team we have fine tuned the art of marketing in Gibraltar, we know what our clients want, what will work and how to deliver it to give them the success they deserve.

You are the director of the company, tell us a bit about yourself?
Well, what is there to say. Other than work not much happens in my life. Recently stopped smoking, which i don’t think had helped staff morale! I am part of the 4×4 club here in Gibraltar and I enjoy getting away in to Spain at the weekends, whenever i can… Camping, Canyoning & off-roading, no better way to spend a weekend.

It’s coming up to valentines day, is there a special someone in your life?
At this moment in time nothing that i would consider to be serious!

Without giving too much away, what is Just Consulting working on now and what can we expect in 2011?
Currently we have a few projects underway, but more importantly is what we hope to achieve in 2011. We have some great products in the pipeline and we are currently securing some great white label products to be able to offer our clients here in Gibraltar & Internationally.

Thanks for your time Chris, we look forward to Just Consulting’s new projects in 2011.