Video files are becoming extremely popular for websites that sell products. A video tutorial can be a much more efficient way of showing your end user what you are selling, than a picture and a block of text. SEO, though, is problematic – so should your web design in Gibraltar really include video?

The short answer is “yes” – because your end user in Gibraltar wants it. Now average broadband speeds have spiked to a new higher plateau, although not in Gibraltar, everyone can get video files down in seconds. That’s encouraged websites to use them a lot more – which in turn has made them popular. Add the social media aspect of the video file and you have a set of circumstances that mean your Local website in Gibraltar can’t afford not to include video.

A warning, though: only use video where text won’t do. In other words, pick the right medium for each message you are trying to send. With products, a video is almost always better because your potential customer can “walk around” a three dimensional object or see it being used as it is supposed to be used.

What about SEO, though? Beyond calling your video something that has keywords in it, there’s little that your Gibraltar Website can do to attract the search engines to it. So you need to run an SEO campaign for the page that optimises it textually as well. Use headings to create a hierarchy for your keywords and perform an on page optimisation that attracts search engines through traditional methods.

Don’t forget to include that video file in your social media marketing. What could be a better update for your social media streams than a movie showing off your new stuff?