How to promote your business with Pinterest?

No need to say we live in a digital age nowadays; time is more valuable than ever. Visuality beats print media in time-effectiveness which brings us new opportunities and ideas for advertising in Gibraltar.

Meet Pinterest

Pinterest is a unique social media website, where you can “pin” theme-based or topic-based images and show the rest of the world your brand’s character, you product line or services and the inspiration behind it; it’s not just about selling it. Pinterest will become a popular tool Social Media Marketing in Gibraltar

It’s basically a virtual pinboard that you can organise. One may upload an image or “repin” ones that already have been posted by others , make comments on them or share them across the web, arrange “boards” formed of “pins” and promote your brand. It can be used as an online storage of images to highlight your brand’s recent campaigns, post links to your latest product or service, direct them to your website and advertise what you can offer.

Pinterest is a very powerful tool to represent your brand visually and its potential value is getting lots of attention because of the rapidly growing user base and the ease of use. One of the most attractive sides of Pinterest is that it’s connecting users of common interests.

You may just use it as an inspirational source as viewing thousands of categorized interesting images that will surely pop something in your mind.

Below are some examples of how you can use for you Social Media Marketing in Gibraltar. 

Below is Coca-Cola’s Pinterest page;

And one of the most successful users of Pinterest, Whole Foods’ page with 19k followers already;

You need to keep in mind that you need to be invited to be able to become a member on Pinterest and use it with full access. Alternatively you can wait for a week and ask for an invitation from Pinterest itself. However searching is allowed for non-members. Why not give it a try and search for Gibraltar right now?