There are more than 30 billion webpages on the internet.  These webpages are daily fighting for prominence, hence everyone is raving about the importance of SEO nowadays.  Yes, SEO is extremely important. Every business that has a website must be able to come up with strategies to optimise the presence of their page online.  If your business page is cleverly optimised  it may change the size of your business in years to come.  Search Engine Optimization is basically the simplest way of making sure that people you have never met know about your business, at the same time, they like your products and become regular customers.

So how can businesses in Gibraltar benefit from SEO strategies?

It will increase the rankings of  your business website on the internet

Traffic affects how Google rank your business page.  It is important to make sure that your business appears on the first page search engine results.  It is reported that people never go over the third page of search engine results.   When traffic flock to your site you increase chances of ranking higher. It is the same with “brick and mortar” stores.  The more there are customers walking into the store, the greater the chance of making sales.

It will increase your business leads

Traffic is good for your website, but if it does not generate sales it adds nothing good to your business.  Business leads are encouraged by the position of your webpage on search engine results.  Webpage position is where your web page will hold when a person types particular keywords into search engines. Finding leads is also easy, but more needs to be done to convert the leads into regular customers.  This is achieved by strategic online marketing.

It will increase your online presence

Social media makes it easy for internet users to share their favourite content.  The more your webpage circles on the web, the more your online presence increases.  Therefore as you prepare your SEO content, ensure that the content is shareable.

It will increase the social network of your business

Strategic and effective SEO will lead to more Facebook likes, more Twitter followers and more Pinterest pins.  As this happens your business will be exposed to millions of new potential customers from across the world.

Gibraltar entrepreneurs no longer have to think about their small population when they design marketing strategies.  The web is filled with potential  new customers and websites with smart SEO will benefit.