The online world brings in new, bigger and more pleasurable internet experiences each year.  It is saddening to find that some web designers are still hung up on integrating social media into websites.  While this is the basic of enhancing user experience, it is really an overly reprised story that does not evoke emotions any more.

In 2012 we saw Facebook’s timeline giving users a thrilling experience of navigating through their previous messages on one page, most smartphones coming up with big screen resolutions and Windows 8 with a friendly user interface called Metro. Great techno-tweaks were done last year but what do we foresee in 2013 web design trends?

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Because of a rapid increase in demand for mobile devices with advanced technologies, websites are enhanced to be able to function on phones and desktop. This trend calls for designers to come up with websites that works well on various screen sizes.  Many newspaper publications have adopted this trend and adjusted their digital newspapers to fit pocket size devices.

Cinematic Designs

Websites owners are facing tough competition for customers (or traffic).  In addition to optimising content, cinematic designs are seen as a way to keep traffic flocking to one’s site. Because of RWD, designers can design websites with motion pictures that gives users a “storytelling” experience. Alternatively, messages can be communicated by using small fonts on big pictures. If people have greater user experience on a site they will definitely come back to it.

Mobile Friendly Designs

Users want to have the same experience they have with their desktop on their mobile devices. Mobile friendly designs differ from RWD because their designs are intended for mobile devices specifically.  Mobile friendly designs means users could be lying on a beach in Hawaii but be able to close business accounts, negotiate deals or do online researches seamlessly on the small screen.

Non-Flash Designs

The improvement of CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript brings exciting changes. These types of design are suitable for online businesses because they are SEO friendly. CSS3 makes the use Photoshop for webpage transparency obsolete by giving designers providence to set webpage transparency of their desire.

Gibraltar is a tourist attraction therefore business owners need to really consider using the latest trends in technology.  As 2013 progresses we may see more new trends in web design surfacing, therefore Gibraltar web designers need to be ahead of their game.