Why Online Gambling Companies move to Gibraltar?

UK online gambling companies in particular have chosen to relocate to Gibraltar. This came as no surprise since the UK has no intention to change its current tax rate to accommodate betting companies such as Ladbrokes, William Hill, Betfred, Bet365 etc Read more

A friendly chat with Chris Bruno of Just Consulting

We bumped into Christopher Bruno from Just Consulting Ltd in Corks, Irish Town. We asked him few questions about his company Just Consulting and himself. Here is what he had to say? Read more

Dedicated Servers in Gibraltar

Innova’s customers with Dedicated Servers in Gibraltar or Server Colocation in Gibraltar will already know that they can get on with their businesses while we are looking after their servers.

We have created a list of Dedicated Server Products in Gibraltar and also come up with unique Gibraltar based Colocation Services to suit any size of business.

Dedicated Server and Colocation Clients will get:

  • Free Double Ram upgrades with Annual contracts
  • 30 minutes Hardware installation included with new Sign ups
  • 30 minutes Software support included with new Sign ups
  • A dedicated support contact
  • Quarterly Account Reviews

We are not actively marketing these services just yet therefore the details are not on our website. However feel free to request a Quote by filling in the Server Quote Form or Contact Us for more information.

Online Gambling in Gibraltar and Risks of Money Laundering

I recently read an article in the Telegraph that said that according to security analysts, terrorist networks use online gambling websites to launder money for attacks.  Being interested in anything to do with the Internet or online companies for that matter, I decided it was worth doing some research on the subject.

Here are some interesting facts that I found which I thought would be of interest to online companies in Gibraltar which may or may not already be aware:

  • Online Gambling websites can be used to launder money by transferring illegal funds to an inside source and by playing until the target amount is spent.
  • By programming online gaming software to identify certain passwords or usernames and to automatically deduct a percentage of the deposit amount and disguise it as a gaming loss.
  • An online gambling employee could arrange to transfer illegal funds to a gambler by rigging the game until the targeted amount is won.

Other tricks that online gambling companies should look out for is to open an account under a false name with the online company and deposit the illegal funds. Then so that the online administrators do not suspect any dodgy play, they deliberately lose a few games and then request the account be close and withdraw the balance.

Another method that could be used is to open several online gambling accounts in various jurisdictions and deposit the maximum amount in each account and as above after a few losses withdraw the balance and transfer the remainder of the funds to a credit institution or back as legitimate winnings.

Do I Really Need SEO?

A Business owner in Gibraltar asked me the other day “Do I really need SEO?”

Honestly, some people talk about SEO as if they were out window shopping. “ Do I really need another pair of black shoes?”
If this is how you think then you are completely missing the point. SEO is not simply an additional Read more

Zeitgeist 2010: How the world searched

This is a video of some popular searches of 2010. Watch the most search terms of 2010.

Adobe Business Catalyst Review

Brief History of Business Catalyst

Business Catalyst, the company behind GoodBarry e-commerce software suite, was acquired by Adobe about a year ago. Adobe turned Business Catalyst into a one-stop solution for Content Management, e-commerce, Email Marketing, CRM and Web Analytics. This was one of many steps Adobe took to enter online hosted applications business. Read more

New Website Launch – Ayling Properties Sotogrande

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new Property and Real Estate Website for Ayling Properties Sotogrande.

Ayling Property Services is an estate agent in Sotogrande. Read more

New Website Design – FindaProperty.gi

We were hired as a web design company in Gibraltar to create a unique property website for FindaProperty Gibraltar.

FindaProperty Gibraltar is an estate agent in Gibraltar.

Check out their brand new website design and property system.

New Website – ReplicaGift Gibraltar

We have just released a new website for Replica Gift Gibraltar.

Check out their site for unique life cast gifts in Gibraltar.