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5 common SEO Problems for E-commerce Websites

Simply regurgitating a catalogue of products onto a website isn’t an effective way of putting your commerce business online. If you do this you’re selling your products short, missing out on crucial traffic and ultimately losing the opportunity to convert customers. Optimizing e-commerce sites is much harder than most websites. The obvious reason is their […]

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting in Gibraltar

A dedicated server is a web server that is leased or owned outright. This provides you with the exclusive use of these resources for your business If you’re looking into growth, running a large corporate site, or one receiving an increasing amount of traffic, there are many advantages to purchasing a dedicated server hosting plan: […]

5 benefits of optimizing your business for Local SEO

As search engine optimisation is now poised as a vital marketing tool for businesses, it is fast becoming one of the harder marketing strategies to master. Getting the attention of customers online is an increasingly difficult pursuit, especially when everyone is racing to be top of the pile of search engine results. Leveraging your online […]

5 Reasons why your website isn’t converting

If you own a business that’s online, your website is not just a pretty point of reference. It’s arguably your most effective sales tool, essentially functioning as a 24/7 salesman. Would you send your salesman to a potential client in a dirty car, wearing a tracksuit, horrendously under prepared and socially incompetent?

Social Media Gibraltar – Pinterest

How to promote your business with Pinterest? No need to say we live in a digital age nowadays; time is more valuable than ever. Visuality beats print media in time-effectiveness which brings us new opportunities and ideas for advertising in Gibraltar.

Social Media Gibraltar – Twitter Hashtags

Social Media Gibraltar – Getting the most out of Twitter Hashtags What are Twitter Hashtags? You’ve started using Social Media in Gibraltar, opened a Twitter account and soon came across a tweet starting with a # ; the hash symbol. While it seems confusing at the beginning, once you understand the purpose and how to use it, […]

Online Gambling Spain

According to an announcement made by deputy general director Juan Carlos Alfonso Rubio last week, the legislation legalising online gambling in Spain was approved a few months ago however last week Government confirmed that Spain would now commence