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Types of Websites: Brochure Websites

In this post we will focus on ‘static’ websites which are the simplest form of web design and are often referred to as a ‘brochure’ website. As the name implies this type of website essentially translates the contents of a brochure onto a website. Also note, these types of websites are also referred to as […]

Google Pagerank Update For Early 2010

Google have recently updated the Pagerank for many websites at the beginning of 2010. It is a New Year Gift for us as the Pagerank of our homepage and many sub-pages have increased to 3. It is nice to see it increasing considering our minimum efforts towards increasing our Pagerank.


Happy New Year 2010

We would like to wish all our clients, readers and partners a happy and successful 2010. We will be launching exciting new web design and search engine optimisation products and services in 2010. Stay tuned as we will be releasing new articles which we hope you will find useful. For all of you whose new […]

Search Engine Optimisation DIY?

Should businesses do Search Engine Optimisation themselves? I would say only the firms that have a lot of time and money on their hands. It is probably something that a lot of companies in Gibraltar might consider as the most businesses in Gibraltar are fairly small and think Search Engine Optimisation can be carried in […]

Twitter Lists – New Feature

Twitter extends the beta feature called “lists”. It is a way to organise categorise twitter accounts that you follow in to lists. You can categorise your friends and family into one list and colleagues into another lists and so on. We were surprised to see our Twitter account being listed in a web design categories […]

Web Design Company – BIG vs SMALL?

This is a question that a lot of clients ask themselves. However this is not the case in Gibraltar as Web Design in Gibraltar consists of rather small companies. Although in general, Big Web Design or SEO companies have the advantage of

Can Small Companies Compete with Gambling ‘GIANTS’ at SEO?

Many people assume that major international gambling companies always dominate the main key words for gambling and that it is practically impossible for the smaller gambling companies to compete with the ‘giants’ and their massive marketing budgets. Well surprisingly it is actually the smaller gambling companies that actually dominate the main gambling keywords on the […]

Why Your Current Website Is Not Sufficient For Today’s Users?

According to the Market Research Industry, it appears that internet users are becoming more sophisticated as a result of an increase due to increasing broadband penetration. In a survey conducted by them it appears that 29% download music at least once a month, 13% write on blogs regularly and 12% download podcasts. 10% use Skype […]

SEO Myths

Myth: There are many web design companies in Gibraltar who claim that they can design a website with search engine optimisation (SEO) built-in or offer it as a one off service. Whilst a website can be designed and developed to assist when optimising the website for example by having relevant contents or meta tags that […]