Pay per Click Advertising

PPC Advertising can be a very profitable way of driving targeted traffic to your website. Incorrectly managed PPC campaigns can fast become a machine that eats away at your cash flow & profitability. Many businesses in Gibraltar have a fantastic service or a great range of products, yet still find that PPC is unprofitable – if you find yourself in that position you have certainly landed at the right place. We have become the leading PPC Advertising Company in Gibraltar. As soon as Google announced Adwords, we were there generating visitors and revenue for our clients.

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The Change of PPC Campaigns

PPC Campaigns were a lot different when we first started; the average CPC was just 2p, there wasn’t any keyword matching options, quality score and ad scheduling. Over the last decade advertisers have seen the cost of their keywords going up & up, it is very much like inflation; advertising spend with Google steadily increases as competitors up their bids, whilst profit is shrunk due to higher cost per acquisition.

PPC Management companies like Innova help online businesses maximise traffic for a monthly fee that is considerably less than the cost of a full time employee or Print Advertising. Whilst there are many poor web design agencies in Gibraltar offering PPC Campaign Management as a side service & doing a poor job, Innova hold this service very close to our heart. We also combine sophisticated bid optimisation tools throughout Search Engines and Social Media with hands on campaign management.

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