Web Analytics

Search Engine Rankings are complicated and ever changing. Therefore you need a stable way to measure the success of your website. At Innova, we provide our clients with industrial strength visitor tracking and analytics tools to best determine how people are arriving, navigating critical pages before leaving their websites.

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Visitor Tracking

The opportunity to track visitors of a website and determine where they came from, increases the knowledge of your customers’ activity and should allow a greater focus to be spent on reaching more potential customers.

Analysis of visitor’s prior behavior can give a great insight into where to target any promotional campaigns and what keywords or topics people are searching to find your website. If you know what keywords customers are searching for, it should be easier to select what part of business you should spend more or cut down on.

Innova’s Visitor Tracking process can also be undertaken of where and when people exit a website which can aid in strengthening a website by making it clear what aspect consumers like and dislike. The firm who is aware of their limitations and customer turn-offs will be better equipped to minimize the areas that can damage their budget.

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