Business Catalyst announced that they are changing the location of their hosting servers couple of months ago, forcing all their users to take action in changing the DNS records of every single website to the new Adobe Business Catalyst’s servers. They also notified us that number of Business Catalyst functions would not work during migration such as:

  • DW Extension and Triangle will not work
  • BC Partners won’t be able to login into Partner Portal
  • All user management functions will be unavailable (ie. create user, edit user, delete user)
  • DNS management tools will be unavailable
  • Setting a start page will not work
  • Clicking “Webmail” from the Admin Console will not work
  • Users will receive an error upon logout
  • Users may experience intermittent logouts as session tokens expire
  • Users who are associated with a Partner Site on the legacy DC will be unable to login to all sites

We foresaw that this sort of hosting issue would be a problem with Business Catalyst and decided not to move our Content Management (CMS) customers to Business Catalyst. Imagine if we would have moved our 30+ CMS customers to Business Catalyst, it would have cost us a great deal in time and money. If we consider that it takes minimum 30 minutes per site to change its DNS settings, it would have taken at least 15 hours of work to update all our CMS clients’ DNS settings.

This is also a concern for those web design companies who provide Business Catalyst as their own brand, as Adobe also offers Business Catalyst as a white label solution.

The main issue with not only Business Catalyst but also any Hosted Application is user is forced to depend on Application Provider’s Hosting. Application Provider can and will change their hosting any time they wish. More often than not, this change usually occurs couple of times a year. The worst of all is that Adobe is not giving any guarantee that this will not happen again anytime soon.

We really like Business Catalyst and see a huge potential. However Adobe needs to start allowing users to use their own hosting before this can start being viable.